How To Hire A Great Comedy Hypnotist…

Comedy hypnotist shows for Corporate Entertainment can be a blast!  Have you ever seen one?  Well, if not you owe it to yourself to see one someday.  They are absolutely hilarious and can make a great form of entertainment for a corporate holiday party… But watch out!  There are some key things to look out for when hiring a Comedy Stage Hypnotist show for your party…

comedy hypnotistFirst, how do you find a great stage hypnotist?  The fastest way to accomplish this is to do a search on the web for comedy hypnotist or stage hypnotist or comedy stage hypnotist.  This will bring you a targeted selection of stage hypnotists from all over or that perform to begin your search.

If you type in the word hypnotists to a search engine, you’ll get millions of untargeted choices, such as Hypnotherapist, hypnosis schools, and hypnosis articles.  I suggest you use the actual search terms comedy hypnotist, stage hypnotist, or comedy stage hypnotist.  This will help to narrow down the field to professionals that are specifically providing what you are looking for.  By using Google or Yahoo to search you will get many choices of quality professionals to choose from.

Once you get a good quality search there are some things you can do to narrow down your search to the best comedy hypnotist for your event.

Ask the comedy hypnotists you contact several important questions:  “How long have they

America's #1 Comedy Hypnotist Steve Meade

America’s #1 Comedy Hypnotist Steve Meade in action putting a group of Corporate Party volunteers to “sleep”

been performing?” and “Can you provide me with some references?” and also, “Do you have a demo video for me to view?”

These questions are critical because they will help you find credible professionals that have been performing for some time versus someone brand new.  You definitely do not want a brand new hypnotist or a comedy club only type of hypnotist to perform for you.  By watching their video you’ll also be able determine if their show looks fun without being dirty or inappropriate for your audience.  Make sure you call a couple of their references and ask them what they thought of that entertainers show.  It only takes a few minutes to do, but can save you big time from hiring an entertainer that does a crappy job.

comedy hypnotist

“Stars” in the Virtual Reality Tour Comedy Hypnotist show by Steve Meade – in action – funny stuff!

Next, expect to pay much more for a comedy hypnotist than you would for what most people hire for their company party – a DJ.  Many companies have hired DJ’s for their parties in the past and spend anywhere from $200 to $800 for a DJ.  It is a big mistake to think you will get a good hypnotist for those kinds of prices.  A good hypnotist, will cost a company anywhere from an absolute low of $800 to $7500 or more, with a median around $2500.  Again, a “good, experienced hypnotist” is definitely worth it versus a “newbie, cheapie hypnotist”.   Price fluctuations for a comedy hypnotist show can be attributed to a number of factors.  Time of year – some dates are more peak than others –

comedy hypnotist Steve Meade

The World’s Greatest Reggae Dancers – under the spell of comedy hypnotist Steve Meade

especially for highly recommended comedy hypnotists.  Location of your show in relation to the location of where your entertainer lives is another factor.  If the comedy hypnotist is local, you should not have many additional expenses such as travel and lodging.  Again – make sure you don’t just hire the local person just because they’re cheaper – this can be a huge mistake when shopping for a great comedy hypnotist.

Although price is important, do not let it be your only consideration – if you do – you will probably end up disappointed because that old saying definitely holds true in the world of entertainment, “You get what you pay for” – even with a comedy stage hypnotist.

Comedy Hypnotist Shows Are Worth It!…

Sometimes corporate management will look at the costs of a comedy hypnotist show and initially balk because they are used to paying DJ fees.  A great way to justify the cost of a comedy stage hypnotist show to a manager or owner of the company is to see if the comedy hypnotist can turn the show into a motivational entertainment show.   Many quality comedy stage hypnotists can do a show which stresses the personal changes that can be acquired through the use of hypnosis while still doing a comedy hypnosis demonstration.  This makes the fee easier to justify as the show can be paid out of a training budget instead of an entertainment budget.

The best way to justify the cost is this.  Remember last year when you had a DJ or some other “home-made” entertainment start after dinner?  Remember how fast the majority of your employees left.  Why is that?  Well it is usually because many people are afraid to get up and dance in front of their coworkers, or they felt bored or cheated that your company was so “cheap”.  A comedy hypnotist show will definitely keep your guests glued to their seats after dinner, and will most likely result in a higher than normal attendance of employees at your party.  This increases the time and ability for employees and management to bond and share some great fun outside of work.  It also shows employees that management cares enough about them to provide some real entertainment at their party!  The benefits are employees that feel respected for all their hard work.

If your company has a theme to its event, see if the comedy hypnotist can do some customization to make their show fit your theme.  Some will, some will not, but it does not hurt to ask.

To find a great comedy hypnotist for your corporate banquet or convention or holiday party does take a bit of work but it can pay off in big dividends of happily entertained employees.  Most importantly though, you and your employees or co-workers will have positive memories from the comedy hypnotist show that will last a lifetime.

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